A Documentary Wedding Photographer London’s Guide to Looking Great in Wedding Pictures

documentary wedding photographer londonA lot of people are not photogenic, to begin with nor do they know the right way to pose. Supermodels know how to act in front of the camera and look fabulous even if they have to fake it. But married couples sometimes have problems to act lovey-dovey in front of their documentary wedding photographer because they are too shy! Are you seeing yourself here?

Believe in your photographer

You might not be the most photogenic person in the world, but your photographer probably has met worse. He dealt with them anyway and looked at his portfolios! You trust in your photographer and that’s why you decided to hire him. If that’s the case, follow your photographer’s directions and believe in his skills to take the best pictures of you!

Be confident

There’s no need to be afraid about the right pose to strike. You are the prettiest woman right now and have dressed up well for the day. Just ask your groom! Once you get a hold of your confidence, the next step will become much easier to deal with! Many people cannot get a good picture because they are not relaxed and look tense throughout the session.
If you are stiff, it will show in the pictures that your photographer takes. No matter how good the photographer is, if you keep feeling awkward and scared, it will show on the face.

Favorite pose!

Most brides look through wedding pictures by a professional documentary wedding photographer London for inspiration. And from there, they figure out some poses they want to try. You most probably have one, too! Consult with your photographer about it so he can arrange the right place and time to have the pictures taken. As you strike your favorite pose, let your photographer comment and direct you.

No camera

If you are too conscious of the camera, it gets harder for you to act naturally. As much as possible, imagine that you are in a situation without a camera. It’s just you and your partner there, hugging and smiling as if there is only the two of you in the world. In sessions where you take pictures on your own, it’s easier if you imagine yourself in a movie.
You will feel easier to act and relax if you don’t think too much about the camera.

Make friend with the photographer

Another solution is to become friends with the photographer! And you wonder how does this affect whether or not you will look good in the pictures. The reason is that most of the time, it’s not because of your physical appearance because you are great the way you are. It’s your confidence, your awkwardness to pose elegantly in front of someone you are not familiar with.
You and your partner can spend some time chatting with your documentary wedding photographer London. A professional like the photographer Owen Billcliffe Photography knows how important it is to make his clients comfortable around him. Just like how you don’t feel awkward at all when it’s your mother who takes the pictures!

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