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Top Camera Straps for Adelaide Wedding Photographers to Choose From

Adelaide wedding photographers Choosing the most suitable camera strap could be a very tricky activity for Adelaide wedding photographers. A camera usually comes with a neck strap when you first purhase it at the store, but this type of strap is not practical at all. That being said, this article discusses on types of camera straps that could serve you much better. The following are some of those:

OP/TECH SLR Wrist Strap – the idea behind a wrist strap is really nice; you don’t have to bother taking your camera from anywhere else as it is being attached to your wrist all the time. This allows you to immediately take pictures of moments the second they actually happen. It means you won’t miss any moment in every wedding that you attend.

BlackRapid Breathe Curve Camera Strap

A sling camera strap is among the best types of straps, and when such is being produced by BlackRapid, you could be assured that it would come out really good. This sling type camera strap will make you forget wearing it, so you would want to be careful not to get your camera scratched as you’re not aware that your camera is being attached to your body the whole time.

TrueSHOT Camera Strap

This camera strap is specifically designed for professional photographers with heavy workload. The thick strap design makes it comfortable to be worn in every occassion. Even though it is designed as a neck strap, you could extend it to become a shoulder strap. In addition, you could get this strap off your camera in instant, thanks to the dual quick release button on both sides of the strap. This is very useful particularly when you need to be more agile when taking photos in different angles.

Think Thank Camera Straps

This Think Thank Straps 2.0 is one of the top straps available out there. Aside from functioning as a hold for your camera, this strap also serves as a good support. It also locks into your backpack’s arm straps, thus maintaining the position of your camera appropriately. This encourages you to quickly grab your camera the second to pass something worthy enough to be captured that it is attached firmly to your body.

Custom SLR Glide One Strap

This Custom Glide is designed as a sling strap that holds your camera safely and securely around the waist area. In addition, this type of strap would not weigh down your neck nor head that you may forget that it is there.

Luma Loop 3 Sling Strap

This strap is one of the top ones in the market. This is the best choice for Adelaide wedding photographers. This strap would firmly hold the position of your camera right your side. Its firm and strong design and materials would boost your confidence in taking your camera to any occassion.

HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two – Camera Harness

This is the best camera strap for any photographer. This MoneyMaker is designed to hold two DSLRs at the same time. This one is for professionals to are accustomed to heavy workload and need to use multiple cameras at a time. The leather joint at its back makes this strap comfortable even though you wear it day in a day out.

Those are the best camera straps for Adelaide wedding photographers. You could pick one of those so that you could produce high quality shots, just like what Panache Weddings do on regular basis.