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Wedding Saving Tips To Check Out

Go for a family style meal.

wedding photographer CheshireIt is far cheaper than the plated meals that your caterers are offering out to you and it is bound to make things worth your while. Take note that at no point in time should you skimp on the food. It is one of the things that your wedding guests will remember about the wedding day. That also doesn’t mean, however, that you should blow all your money on expensive halibut and caviar or something else as equally expensive as that. Think about the theme for the wedding and try to see if you can work out a family meal around that. Go for buffet tables and food stations. This way, you get to minimize the wastage and you get to save a lot of money off of that option at the same time. Go for caterers who have a lot of different food package bundles that you can choose from. And while you are at it, make sure that you keep your wedding vendors in mind as well.

Keep your wedding photographer Cheshire full and happy and you will surely be getting the best wedding photos out of the day. Be a gracious and benevolent client and the people that you hired out will go the extra mile for you given the fact that you extended them the courtesy of really making sure that they are well taken care of during the day of your wedding.

Go double duty on the flowers.

Have someone that you can trust bring the wedding flowers from the wedding ceremony venue to the reception venue. You don’t have to pay double for that. The flowers won’t have that much use once you are done with them anyway so you might as well save some money somewhere during the process by upcycling them and by making sure that you get to go ahead and make the most use out of them at the end of the day. Just one person might not be enough though, especially when there are a lot of floral arrangements to go ahead and transfer from one location to the other. You might want to think about getting a group of people that you can entrust with this task. If you’re extra nice to your wedding planner, she might even throw that in as a freebie given the fact that a planner normally brings a crew along.

Repurpose the bouquets.

After the wedding ceremony, your bridesmaids don’t really have that much use for their bouquets and they’re just going to leave them lying around in the tables. You can repurpose them as eye catching table centrepieces and none will be the wiser. You can even have them do it themselves, as some sort of contribution to the wedding. You can best believe that once your wedding photographer Cheshire takes photos of these centrepieces, the people looking at the photos won’t even notice that they’re repurposed.

Less is more.

Your wedding photographer Cheshire will take care of the rest of the embellishments in your wedding photos. You don’t have to go ahead and keep overdoing things.