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You Should Never Do These Things with Your Headshot Photos

Chicago headshot photographerWhether intentionally or not, you can be doing any one of these mistakes below to your headshot photos and not knowing that they can be the reason why businessmen, employers or clients shun away from your profile! Do these mistakes no more and you will save yourself the pain of paying hefty dollars on a headshot photographer and still not making the best out of it!

Anachronism in your profile picture.

Have you ever attached your own picture in bob haircut while you are tying your hair in a ponytail? It makes someone take a second look on you, not because they are amazed, but confused with the difference in appearance! If you are giving out something so old to someone who is about to spend money on your skills for a few years at least, you need to present them with a reliable documents of yourself, but even your headshot is not updated!

Here is the guide to when you should update your headshot:

  • Ideally, every two to three years, or
  • When you significantly change your hairstyle, such as having bangs, noticeable different hair color, or permanent waves
  • Undergo surgeries related to the shape of your face features; eyes, nose, cheek bones, lips, jaw and so on
  • Dental surgeries and maintenance, such as bracers that changes face shape, especially the jaw.

Just another bust-up picture of yours

Headshot is not just a ‘bust-up’ photo. It is your branding, your advocate when you are applying for jobs or starting a deal with clients online. Your headshot photo should depict your strongest personality in a positive light. It should emit confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm, not just a random guy smiling at the camera.

This also happens when you try taking one yourself. Of course, price makes people consider to hire a professional Chicago headshot photographer to take a single headshot photo, but are you sure it is worth saving those dollars? A professional know how to make you look better than the real you. They have the necessary lighting, camera and most of all, skill for it.

Your headshot pictures must also be done according to your need. What do you need to be emphasized in your picture? Is it professionalism or friendliness? Is it being a leader or an enthusiastic learner? Talk with your Chicago headshot photographer and they can guide you into the right pose and under the perfect light.

Looking different in each of your different social media profiles.

Is that you? Yes it is the same name, but there can be 10 or even 1000 other people on earth with the same exact name and if you are to put different profile picture, it is like Pepsi using different logo on their different products, ineffective right? So must be avoided by you.

Use the same picture for everything you have that needs a profile picture. Because you need to those people to recognize you immediately and remember your face, which is much easier than name or even words, because there are no two similar pictures, as opposed to only face. Fortunately your picture will feature a different background, so there’s a little chance to encounter someone with a similar face, name and profile picture.

Have you noticed yourself in any of the mistakes mentioned? Don’t worry! Fixing it as soon as possible is better than not knowing at all! At least now you know that the dollars spent of headshot photography is not wasted.