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4 Steps to Be a Professional Alternative Wedding Photographer Scotland

alternative wedding photographer ScotlandThere is a thin line between professionalism and being discourteous. A simple mistake, action or inaction by an alternative wedding photographer Scotland can ruin your reputation before a client if care is not taken. So, when meeting a client for the first time, how do you prove you are the right choice for whatever job they are considering you for? How do you show you are a level above your counterparts?

Read below for our 4 steps on that:

Plan and prepare

Planning and preparation are two important things every photographer needs to master. With plans, you show the client that you have an orderly nature and if unprecedented situations occur on a job, you can always have a backup to sort it out. An example is if a client visits you with the intention of hiring you and when they ask for your samples, you have nothing on hand to show. Even if your handbook is not with you, there are other digital avenues like a website or your phone gallery to store your images.

Having open discussions

Another area where most photographers get it wrong is in communication. You have a shot list for an event but you fail to communicate it to a client and that shows a lack of courtesy. If you have certain ideas you would like to try out at an event, do not wait till the last minute or blind side the client on the day of the event. First thing that should be done is to communicate whatever plans so the necessary arrangements can be made for them.

The same thing applies to the amount charged for services, if you are going to charge per hour, per picture shot or on a fixed price let the client know so they do not feel there are hidden charges.

Go beyond the norm

The fact that we are human does not mean we think alike or like the same things. If Client A prefers having a neutral background for her pictures, it does not mean Client B will like the same. This is the reason why as an alternative photographer Scotland, you need to sit down and have a one on one talk with your client about what they want.

Most times, clients will appreciate you taking a unique approach to their work instead of you just following the same old route. This is a very good way to show your professionalism as it tells your client that every job you do is treated special.

Practice makes perfect

There is a saying “practice makes perfect”. If you do not work hard at your craft chances are you may end up being redundant and less skilled at it than your counterparts. The fact that you understand photography does not make you an expert on it. It is the dedication towards furthering and improving your knowledge on it that makes you the professional.

Apart from the 4 steps above, there are other things you should also work on like your manners, follow-up, punctuality to an event among others. All these will help you become a better alternative wedding photographer Scotland like www.lianamitrea.com