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When Should the Wedding Photographer Sydney Arrive at the Wedding?

wedding photographer SydneyShould you arrive as early as possible or just in time before the party starts? What will your client think of their wedding photographer Sydney? Here’s everything you need to know about making use of your time as effective as possible and still be respectful and helpful to your client.


The first place to look at is the contract that you have stated. What was written there regarding when you should arrive at the venue? Always respect what is written on there to maintain your professionalism in front of your client. Not arriving on time is going to bring down your points by a lot. This might not apply to you if you are still trying to figure out what you should state in your contract regarding your arrival time.


Some people have their pre-wedding pictures taken hours before their party starts while others might have taken them days before their wedding. If your clients have their pre-wed pictures taken on the same day, that means you need to arrive very early to make sure you get all the pictures they want.

When does it start?

Just because the party starts at 9 am, you don’t arrive there at 8.45 am thinking that is already quite early for you. You need to arrive even before your clients have finished preparing for the wedding because you also need to capture moments as they get ready. It can take 2 hours to prepare the bride as well as the bridesmaids and probably much faster for the groom.

A wedding photographer Sydney needs to arrive early to make it before the bride gets ready which may mean that you have to arrive at the minimum, 7.30 am if the morning session starts at 9 am.

You also need to discuss with the venue owner to ask if you are allowed to take pictures during the procession. Some churches don’t allow pictures to be taken in the middle of it, so you will need to discuss this with your clients. You may also want to use the rest of the time to take some pictures of your clients together around the venue when there are fewer people around.

Evening party

Are you only hired for the evening session? If that’s so, you might not be able to take pictures of the couple getting ready, so that’s one less thing to do. On the other hand, you will need time to prepare your equipment in the wedding hall because the room is going to get dark when the party starts.

It may take at least half an hour for a professional wedding photographer Sydney like Yasmina Nadine to tour and set up the equipment as well as discuss with your clients about it. Another thing you need to do is to capture pictures of the hall as it is prepared for the party before people begin to crowd it. You will also need to take pictures of your clients together around the venue before it gets dark, so if you add this and while keeping the length of hours you promised your clients, you can arrive 1 to 1.5 hours earlier.