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How To Shoot A Great Wedding Video

wedding video tipsIf you want to be able to produce a pretty great wedding video to begin with, you will need to establish an efficient relationship with the couple who hired you for the event. Make sure that you are able to set up a meeting with them to really talk out the details of what you are dealing with.  Clients do not like surprises. And they particularly do not like it if that surprise involves under delivering on your promise. You need to listen more to your client and talk less. Find out exactly what they are envisioning for the wedding videos yorkshire to turn out and try to be honest and up front about the things that you can deliver and about the things that you cannot. Get a pretty clear idea of what they would like to get out of the service that you are going to provide and go out of your way to deliver as much of those as you can. You need to be concise with the kind of language you use to ensure that there are no confusions. Short and sweet but as detailed as possible is the way to go.

You need to be able to move fast while you are shooting the wedding video.

Carry as little gear as possible on your back. Although you should always come prepared, you should not over pack things to such an extent wherein you will end up breaking your back in the process. Bring a big back along but as soon as you get to the venue, set it down on the floor and only carry around what you need while you are shooting the images for your wedding photography event. Carry a camera and a couple of lenses or so with you while you are moving around from area to area while you are trying to provide coverage, maybe add on a tripod or so but nothing more. Anything more than that already tends to be a wee bit unnecessary and that is the last thing you want to do is you want to be light enough to move around with no troubles.

Your audio should be your top priority for the wedding video that you are trying to shoot.

A wedding video is no good if the audio is bad so you should prioritize this just as much as you do for the video. Have different kinds of backups set in place and put in an external audio recorder or two if you have to. If the couple who are about to be wed hired a DJ, try to get to the DJ booth and see if you can use his equipment for your backup audio as well. Make sure that everything is in place before you start rolling the camera.

Do not miss the traditional wedding moments for the wedding video.

Weddings can morph into different styles and into different eras but when it all comes down to it, a wedding is a mainly traditional event. It will come as no big surprise why a lot of couples are still looking out for you to be able to document the usual wedding moments on camera. Get a list together so that you do not forget anything. Stick to the plan as much as possible. Include the bride during your plan making process. Make sure that she is in the loop about things and ask for her input. Brides are usually very hands on about the details of their weddings so they really are the best people you should go to if you are planning an itinerary of sorts.

Keep the camera as stable as you possibly can.

This will help you not want to end up with a wedding video that looks amateur. The last thing you want is a shaky video that will end up giving the audience vertigo.