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Setting Websites for Photographers: The Guide

websites for photographersEvery wedding photographer needs a functional website to promote themselves and allow customers to easily find information about them. But setting websites for photographers are mainly different from how people usually set up their own blogs. You especially upload a lot of pictures on your site because of your hobby or job.

Not to mention you may not use a lot of words to explain about yourself or your pictures. And you might be wondering why does that matter? But let us start with where you should build your site first.


WordPress is the best choice due to its stability and availability of various plugins. There are other sites where you can set up your site for free, but the one with full support and great flexibility is WordPress. If you go for paid plans, you will be able to get your own domain name (that doesn’t have .wordpress extension), plugin installs, and many more features.


The most important topic we want to discuss is the storage part. If you are a photographer, you know you will be uploading a lot of pictures. On a free plan, you won’t be able to store a lot of pictures. Even on a paid plan, you will have a problem trying to keep all your pictures. So, when you are about to buy from a hosting provider, it’s better that you get a package that will let you upload a lot of pictures.


When you upload pictures, make sure that each of them has a name that is easily comprehended by search engines. Putting them as IMG1234.jpg won’t make it easy to find you through inputting keywords. A lot of work, but is definitely worth it. If you want to know how your pictures are doing, we recommend you check out https://myphotocto.com for a good audit of websites for photographers.

You can also read some guides and articles on how to choose plugins and advice on optimizing your site!


The only way to get your site to rank high is to use words on it. At the same time, you might not know what you want to say. One way to do that is to write blogs on your job and recent work. Connect with people and show your recent works at the same time to promote yourself!

Regular updates also show that your blog is active which will help rank your site high as well. Although, it’s more important to come up with high-quality content that visitors can stay long enough to read. Keywords that people use to look for your site is also important, so make sure your content is optimized for it.

Set aside a time for it

Setting up websites for photographers is not as easy as it may have sounded. At the same time, it is not too complicated because your business isn’t mainly based on the site, but in your studio. It’s essential, but not complex if you know what the important things are. Just imagine for yourself if you are a visitor looking for a particular picture or a photography service, will you like what you see?

If the answer is yes, then your site is good to go!