Wedding Plans: How to Begin A Search for Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Plans: How to Begin A Search for Your Wedding Photographer – checked
The search for your wedding photographer should begin ideally, from the moment you decide on a wedding date. This is because it will take a bit of time, resources and effort to finding the right wedding photographer for you.
You only have one shot to get it right. If we could peep into the future, many couples would not have hired their wedding photographers in the first place. This is why it is important you hit the ground “searching” from the moment you know you are going to wed.
And if you are to search for a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL or anywhere else, read this article.
First, Do Your Research
The first thing you do is to dig and not to search for a photographer. Many couples or brides make this mistake. Instead, spend some time, a week at most, reading about wedding photography. Do your research. Ask questions. Google. Google. And Google. Or Bing. Whichever works for you.
Anyway, doing your research involves reading articles like this. Finding out what wedding photography styles there are and which ones you’d like to have at your wedding. Finding out about the average prices and rates photographers charge in your locale or city. Or whether you should hire a local photographer or someone from outside the state or country.
You should also prepare questions. Reading articles and experiences that will fuel how you will structure your interview questions to get the right answers. Questions about rates, experiences, equipment, packages and so on.
The very first thing you do is to cuirass yourself with enough information so that you do not take everything you are told hook, line and sinker.
After you are properly informed, how do you start your search for the right wedding photographer? note that these methods are not meant to be used to select a photographer but to prepare a list of potential photographers
1. Search by Location
The internet makes the world smaller. Using the great “www”, you can almost always find answers to all your questions.
Start your search by looking for photographers that are close by if you intend to hire someone in the city or community. For example, “wedding photographer Jacksonville FL”. Or simply visit
And if you intend to fly someone in for the wedding, start your search that way. Although this will usually expand the search because you have lots of countries to search through.

2. Search by Style
Remember that part of doing your research? This is where it comes in handy. By knowing the exact style that you want, you can save time. Look for photographers that offer the style you want, whether it is photojournalistic or traditional wedding styles, or whether you want classic styles.
3. Referrals
Mouth-to-mouth advertisements are usually reliable. Call a couple of trusted friends who are wedded and ask about their photographers. Ask them if they will readily re-hire the person.
Referrals are good because usually, the person referring them has seen their works first-hand. Usually, you can rely on that. However, you should arrange for an interview with the photographer before you make a final decision.
There are so many things that you factor in before choosing the exact wedding photographer for you. However, you don’t start your search using those attributes.
For instance, you don’t search for a wedding photographer by using price or rates. Or by using experience. Yes, these things matter. But use them to judge later on.
You should not even start your search by typing in “the top ten wedding photographers in the world”. The best photographer in the world might not the best photographer for you but might be a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL.

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